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Energy Auditor using a Blower Door to Measure Building TightnessFind out how CCI can help you improve your comfort and beat high utility bills with an energy audit performed by one of our highly experienced BPI-certified auditors. We'll show you precisely where your home is costing you money and how you can make it more comfortable.

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Utilities offer a variety of programs and services designed to assist low-income customers to better afford their bills. CCI provides an assortment of services designed to meet the needs of public utilities ranging from program administration and marketing to home energy audits and the distribution of conservation kits.


Building as a Teaching Tool is CCI's nationally recognized program that uses the CCI Center as an education instrument. Touring the CCI Center and participating in hands-on demonstrations, students and adults alike learn how we can use energy and resources more efficiently.
The CCI Center

Learn Ways to Save Energy, Reduce Costs and Improve Your Comfort with Conservation Consultants of Pittsburgh

We're Conservation Consultants, leading the way to an energy efficient future since 1978.

Based in Pittsburgh's historic South Side, Conservation Consultants, Inc. (CCI) is a non-profit organization that helps western PA families and businesses to GetEnergySmarter. Our utility and energy audit services show homeowners and businesses how to save money and energy all while improving comfort and safety. Our home, the CCI Center is a living laboratory that explores an energy future where people and buildings work in harmony to use energy wisely and even produce energy from renewable sources. CCI's education programs enlighten students and adults in everything from the simple ways we can all save energy, through renewable energy.

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Final Draft of Clean Power Plan Released
Earlier this month, the EPA released the final version of the Clean Power Plan after more than a year of stakeholder commentary and revisions.
High-Energy Hoe-Down
Join us November 17th for CCI's second annual High-Energy Hoe-Down fundraiser at our new location! This year's event will be held at the Pittsburgh Opera House. Don't miss out on the food and fun!
Earth Day Celebration and Building Renaming Event
April 22, 4-6 p.m. Join us as we rename the CCI Center in honor of Ann Jones Gerace.
Energy Policy at a Crossroads: Why 2015 is Pivotal for Pennsylvania?
Critical Decisions that Are Shaping Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy and Rates
How will the EPA's Clean Power Plan affect you? What is the future of Act 129 and energy efficiency in Pennsylvania? What is electric grid scale energy efficiency worth? If you are interested in learning the answer to any of these questions and more join us for the FREE event on Tuesday, March 3rd at 4:00! The event is open to all of Pennsylvania's energy stakeholders (that means you) so don't miss out on the event or the free cookies!