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Reduce Consumption and Save $ by Getting Energy Smarter

Energy... Most of us take it for granted.

We flip a switch and a light comes on. We hit a button, and on comes a dishwasher, television, computer or game console. We turn a dial, and our dinner begins to cook, our clothes start to clean, our clothes begin to dry. Sometimes, we don't even have to flip a switch, turn a dial or hit a button to use energy. Thermostats measure and control the temperature or our refrigerators, freezers, water tanks and homes, assuring that we have fresh food, ice to cool our drinks, plenty of hot water for that morning shower and that we're comfortable winter, spring, summer and fall. Clocks wake us up and even turn on the coffee pot to help us say up.

... in fact, we typically only think about energy once per month. When we pay the bills.

Where Does all that Energy (and $) Go?

In the US, buildings (commercial and residential) account for 40% of the energy we consume.

Within our homes, 78% of the energy we consume goes toward space heating & cooling, water heating and lighting. Clearly, these areas represent an opportunity to improve our homes that will over time pay big dividends in reduced energy bills and improved comfort.

The question is: What improvements are the most appropriate for you and your home? 30+ years of experience has taught us that no two homes or families are exactly alike. To get the best answers, you need to consult the services of an energy expert who understands how buildings and people interact as a total system.

CCI works with most of the utilities serving western PA to implement their energy efficiency programs offered to their customers. Check the Utility Programs of this website to see if you qualify for one or more of these services.

For those that don't qualify for a utility sponsored energy efficiency program, CCI offers a variety of fee-for-service energy audits that meet every need and budget. Check the Residential and Small Commercial Energy Audits of this website for more information.

Although each home is unique, 30+ years of experience has also taught us that some of the advice applies to just about everyone. Check out our Energy Saving Tips to GetEnergySmarter and start saving money right away.

Funding & Incentives

Did you know that there are tax incentives and low interest loans available to make your energy efficiency efforts more affordable?
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Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy and money isn't hard; you just need to know where to start. Check out our low-cost tips to get you started.
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Efficiency Topics

Take a deeper dive into energy efficiency and learn how your home is using energy and the ways you can cut down on that use to save you $.
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We've compiled a list of websites and publications that represent some of the most reliable information on energy efficiency, renewable energy and incentives.
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